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With no one to trust and in an abusive marriage, Rachel Archelaus found truth and guidance in the practice of Intuitive Art.

This book chronicles her journey of making life-changing decisions with the aid of this intuition-booster and she teaches you how to use it, too. 

Rachel gives every reader the tools to directly connect with their intuition and make all of their decision making easier and more effective.

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"Healing abused and homeless children through artistic expression"

Praise for Intuitive Art

"A top recommendation for self-help, spiritual, new age and artist readers alike.” D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

"Visualizing one’s issues through illustration is an attractive concept that will appeal to anyone interested in new methods of self-discovery.” - Deborah Bigelow, Library Journal

"We all know we have intuition, but following our instincts isn't always easy. Brilliantly simple and engaging, Intuitive Art unlocks the mysteries of intuitive living and hands you the decoder ring." - Maya Cointreau, Author of The Comprehensive Vibrational Healing Guide and Grounding and Clearing

"Intuitive Art is more than just a book about discovering your gifts as an artist. It's more than just about getting answers, manifesting relationships and abundance, decoding problematic situations in our lives, and elevating our mood when we're feeling down. But it IS about all of those things...and more. This book will take you on a journey with the author, Rachel Archelaus, who is just as gifted a writer as she is an artist. It's a visual and visceral journey through some of the more challenging circumstances in her life, and a testimony to how art can be therapy. Art can be about so many things - connection, expression, freedom, fun, and a source of income. And Rachel is the perfect teacher to take you on that journey. She'll hold your hand, lovingly, through your journey into your own intuitive art." Daniel Scranton, Channel & Spiritual Teacher

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