Certified Intuitive Artist® Program

Help Others Develop their Greatest Tool for Clarity & Success

We are all connected to this

amazing thing we call intuition. 

We can see how it saves lives, spares us from unbearable pain, and guides us in the right direction time and time again.

Yet, because we hear that call within our bodies, we let this wisdom roll off our backs with phrases like, “I made that up,” “that can’t be true” and “what will people think?”

We see people stumble from one doubt to another as they create unneeded drama, complication, and confusion.

This mass of distraction adds up until they’re walking in a perpetual cloud of dust.

No amount of outer clarification helps, it only adds to the churning insecurity and indecision.

The way through this mess, to clear skies and clear paths, is to go within. To tap the source of our own highest wisdom.

But this time, we must make one change.

Instead of relying on that gut feeling, that whispering inner voice, we bring the intuition outside of us and onto paper.

With our eyes closed, we draw our inquiry. Then with breathtaking clarity, we read our answer using the language of color.

In this way, we can receive the voice of our Higher Self in a way that can be trusted.youransweris

A new dialogue is opened.

A two way street is created so the information can flow freely and easily.

No psychic skills are needed, and no artistic background is necessary.

The Archelaus method of Intuitive Art teaches you all you need to know.

Once you have mastered it, you have at your fingertips a clear link to the best answers and are free to embark on creating the life you so very much know is waiting.

You are also able to extend your knowledge to others, assisting them in dismantling the fog they have gotten so used to, but are yearning to shed.


The Certified Intuitive Artist® program offers you a complete professional training and the opportunity to step into greater Purpose and Abundance at the same time.

It has been shown to help people:

  • overcome creative blocks
  • create a personal map to abundance
  • clarify Soul Purpose & direction
  • understand how to heal relationships
  • embody new healthy habits
  • get action steps to manifest new circumstances
  • communicate with their higher selves, spiritual support team, or passed on loved ones
  • gain higher spiritual knowledge
  • raise their vibration
  • integrate healing work
  • become less anxious
  • trust their intuition
  • gain confidence
  • explore their inner world
  • discover their soul gifts
  • solve business problems

You + Intuitive Art = A Breakthrough Machine

By becoming a Certified Intuitive Artist® you will:

  • help facilitate blindspot breakthroughs yielding tears of joy
  • witness students becoming aware of their truth and potential
  • assist students to feel confident in their authenticity
  • be responsible for a rippling of truth and positivity throughout the world
  • truly feel "on purpose" and fulfilled by the same thing that generates income
  • overcome your personal wounds of being seen and valued
  • get a support team so you can deal with resistance and overwhelm
  • make a profit so you can continue helping others

certified intuitive artist certificatesYou will also benefit by becoming more confident and skilled in your own intuitive abilities. And best of all, you'll see that your passion for purpose doesn't leave money out of the equation. 

This program is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) to grant continuing coach education hours. You will receive 7 Core Competency hours and 12 Resource Development hours with the completion of this program.

If you're not an ICF coach, you can use this accreditation as a symbol of our professionalism and dedication to excellence.

People are actively seeking ways to become more confident in their intuition.

workbookcoverThey want to trust themselves, they want to take action that will move them forward on their Purpose path, they want to feel more alive.

And I know you want that, too.

This program teaches you how to help yourself, your students, and your clients achieve those desires.

In the course of the training, you will:

  • Become a Master of Intuitive Art

    You’ll learn how to use every color, draw from different sources, and use drawing structures to enhance your clarity effectiveness. Intuitive Art is a language and has nuances that you only really understand with practice and skill development. We have a comprehensive course teaches you every particle of this amazing modality.

  • Teach Intuitive Art Workshops & Give Clarity Sessions

    You’ll bring clarity to people in a workshop setting, whether that’s online, at someone’s home, or in a yoga center or bookstore. We offer complete training on how to do this and give you support for each class. Choose to teach one of our predesigned classes which range in topic from Abundance to Angels to Anxiety Relief or design one yourself. We also show you how to give Clarity Sessions so you work with clients one on one.

  • Make Recurring Revenue

    Our program is set up to pay you every time one of your clients or students purchases anything, whether that’s the initial workshop ticket or a book purchase 3 years from then, you make money. You also receive a slice of revenue from your students who become Certified Intuitive Artists®. That means income flowing to you well after your interaction with your student at the workshop. 

To get you there, we'll go through these steps:

  • 1

    The Process

    Here you learn what Intuitive Art is and what the benefits are. You also connect with who you will be as a Certified Intuitive Artist. We create time in your schedule and plan for resistance so you can complete the program with ease.

  • 2

    Drawing Structures

    Learning about drawing structures will enhance your accuracy with Intuitive Art. You learn how to draw auras, relationships, past/present/future drawings, and more. These drawing types enhance the clarity you can achieve using this modality.

  • 3

    Drawing Sources

    You've been drawing from your Higher Self so far, but there are more points of wisdom that can be accessed with Intuitive Art. This class shows you how to connect with Spirit Guides, Angels, Loved Ones, and Star Families. These skills offer a wide variety of options when it comes to getting your questions answered.

  • 4

    Advanced Decoding

    You'll gain the skills to get every last drop of clarity out of your drawings in the advanced decoding classes. And also how to decode every possible color, not just the 11 on your color sheet. This class helps you feel confident and ready to work as a Certified Intuitive Artist.

  • 5

    Working with Clients

    Learn how to work with clients confidently and professionally in this lesson. You will be taught a session outline, be given PDFs to make client intake practice streamlined and efficient, and will start to narrow down your niche. Exciting!

  • 6

    Teach Intuitive Art

    Learn how to teach this modality as a workshop. We'll provide you with workshop templates on a variety of topics so you can teach what you love. You will also learn how to facilitate a class that is engaging and fun for you and your students.

  • 7

    Workshop Success

    Learn how to create a steady stream of students for your workshops. You'll get everything you need to easily book venues and fill your classes. We provide you with worksheets, checklists, and easy systems to make this process painless.

We support you on each step of your journey

  • Weekly Live Practice Hour

    Get together with your teacher and your peers to practice and have your questions answered. This is a great time to build confidence and get to know your classmates. These are held via video chat so you can interact visually.

  • Print & Digital Course Manual

    You’ll have immediate access to the digital course manual which houses everything in the entire program. It’s 130 pages are beautifully laid out and easy to follow. This is a resource you can use throughout your training and for years to come. The print version is mailed to you during your second week.

  • Friendly Facebook Community

    The Facebook group is a place to post your homework, your questions, and your progress. There are students and graduates in the same group who all help each other out. It’s a wonderful place to foster friendships and get thoughtful feedback.

  • Organized Online Portal

    There’s nothing worse than information overload. Your classes will be delivered weekly with all of the notes, homework, and extras arranged neatly on the page. You’ll always be organized and know what to do next.

  • Ready to Use Templates

    We give you everything you need to jumpstart your practice. Ready made flyers, emails, ads, calendar listings, Facebook posts, business cards, and more. Just copy and paste or alter to your liking. Rachel (the founder) uses these resources constantly!

  • Ongoing Training for Graduates

    You’re joining a team when you become a Certified Intuitive Artist®. You get to participate in the Certified Intuitive Artist® Monthly Meetings where we discuss our work, give great trainings, and more. These are all archived so you can watch previous calls as soon as you’re Certified.

Meet your Teacher and Coaches

Rachel Archelaus - Teacher

Rachel is the creator of the Archelaus Method of Intuitive Art. She discovered this amazing modality at age 11 and has been honing it ever since. Over the last decade thousands of people world wide have learned this technique. She's been teaching the Certified Intuitive Artist® program for the last 5 years and has graduates in 9 countries. The mix of color therapy and psychology, combined with the therapeutic nature of art makes Intuitive Art effective and unique.

Laura Ghedotte - Practice Hour Teacher

Laura is a Certified Intuitive Art Practitioner, a Certified Story Coach, and the creator of the Jump In Method. Her mission is to support and empower women to masterfully navigate the transitions of life with ease, wisdom, clarity, and self-expression. Her role is to teach our weekly practice hours and assist graduates to become even more clear in their decoding.

Carrie Roldan - Leadership Coach

Carrie is a Certified Intuitive Artist® and coaching master. She helps people connect with their inner confidence to become the person they always knew they would be. Her role is to support graduates to achieve their goals with ease and alignment.

Is the Certified Intuitive Artist Program for you?

An all-in-one solution

Even if you already have some training, this course takes you from skill to market like no other. We support the entire process of attracting students to your classes and facilitate recurring revenue. Other programs, therapeutic trainings, and healing certifications often leave that and cost $4,000-$15,000.

This is not for you if...

You don't have a desire to learn something new. This program will teach you many new skills and give you confidence in working with others. If you're done learning and want to continue on like things are, this program probably isn't for you.

If you're ready for income and impact

We'll help you start making income from what you love. There is no better feeling than being paid to help others. If you're ready for this to be a reality in your life, we're ready to help you get there.

There are Certified Intuitive Artists™ in 9 countries

Chantal De Souza

I use Intuitive Art to get more clarity about a situation and to guide me building my business.

I joined the Certified Intuitive Artist Program because of my intuition. The biggest result I got was more confidence. I began to teach workshops. During the program, I learned quantum healing, traveled more often, and made my biggest sale yet. 

One thing I really liked was meeting new people. Even if I don’t know them personally, I love the feeling of being part of a tribe.

I would recommend this program to people who need to learn to trust their intuition.

Yesterday I was thinking: what an incredible journey!

Chantal De Souza Shanty Art
Patty Adamik

My favorite thing about Intuitive Art is the freedom to explore without judgement

I joined the Certified Intuitive Artist Program because I love Rachel & I love using Intuitive Art as a process to uncover hidden information from my higher self.

This program helped my by giving me a clear method for receiving answers from my higher self and trust in using it for other people as well.

Even though I have always had strong intuitive abilities, I always avoided calling myself a Psychic or Intuitive. The Intuitive Art method gives me a clear path to uncover this information for myself and others.

One thing I really liked was the community support and feedback.

I was hesitant to join because I was concerned that I wouldn’t follow through and finish, but I did!

I would recommend this program to people who need a consistent and clear method for tapping their inherent wisdom for clarity and direction. 

It’s really fun and empowering.

Patty Adamik pattyadamik.com
Cathy Catlin

My favorite thing about Intuitive Art is that it allows me to easily tap into my intuition and guide me in the right actions.

I joined the Certified Intuitive Artist Program because I loved the process and wanted to learn more about it.

This program helped my by giving me the skills to teach and interpret drawings. The result was more confidence; new skills; something fun and helpful to share with others

I wasn’t hesitant or afraid to join at all.

I would recommend this program to people who need to be able to quickly and easily access their intuition/higher power to gain insight into issues they may be experiencing.

I think Intuitive Drawing is absolutely magical!

Cathy Catlin Certified Intuitive Artist

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are answers to frequently asked questions below and we are happy to answer any more that you have. Give us a call at 800-892-2602 or email care@intuitiveart.com. 

Can I use this Certification with my clients? 

Yes, you can use your new Intuitive Art skills in your own work, sessions, coaching, classes, etc. We simply ask that you refer to it as Intuitive Art as you use it (it does not need to be in the title of your offerings). You can use this material for profit as long as you keep up your license.

Can I do this part time? 

Absolutely! How much time you devote to the class or building your Intuitive Art business is up to you. This is a great part time or full time endeavor.

Do I have to teach in-person? 

You can teach locally or online. We show you how to do both and support you with templates, print & digital workbooks, and everything else you'd need to accomplish your goals.

Is there a license fee?

Yes, there is a $300/year license renewal fee. It comes with many perks like our Monthly Meeting, Practice Hours, Teacher Resource Center, and so much more.

Is the Program taught online? 

Yes, this program is taught in a mix of live and prerecorded classes online. You can take it from anywhere in the world as long as you can watch video on your computer, phone, or tablet.

How long is the Program? 

The course is delivered over 10 classes. You can expect to spend 2-3 hours a week total if you complete one class a week. That includes class time, homework, and practicing with your classmates. You can also go at your own pace with no penalty.