Connection. Clarity. Confidence.

We are all connected to this amazing thing we call intuition. We can see how it saves lives, spares us from unbearable pain, and guides us in the right direction time and time again.

Yet, because we hear that call within our bodies, we let this wisdom roll off our backs with phrases like, “I made that up,” “that can’t be true” and “what will people think?”

The way through this mess, to clear skies and clear paths, is to go within. To tap the source of our own highest wisdom and find a way to make it easier to trust.

Instead of relying only on the gut feeling, that whispering inner voice, you bring the intuition outside the body and onto paper.

With our eyes closed, we draw our inquiry. Then with breathtaking clarity, we read our answer using the language of color.

In this way, we can receive the voice of our Higher Self in a way that can be trusted.

No psychic skills are needed, and no artistic background is necessary.

Intuitive Art can help you:

  • overcome creative blocks
  • create a personal map to abundance
  • clarify your Soul Purpose
  • understand how to heal relationships
  • embody new healthy habits
  • get action steps to manifest new circumstances
  • communicate with your spiritual support team and passed on loved ones
  • gain higher spiritual knowledge
  • raise your vibration
  • integrate healing & energy work
  • become less anxious
  • trust your intuition
  • gain confidence
  • explore your inner world
  • discover your soul gifts
  • solve business problems
  • and much more!

What you'll learn in this Intuitive Art course:

  • 1

    The Archelaus Method Technique

    Here you'll learn all about how your Higher Self communicates with you and what the potential of that means. You'll feel empowered knowing that you have such easy access to infinite wisdom. You will also fill out your color sheet and learn the basic how-to's of Intuitive Art.

  • 2

    Drawing from Different Sources

    You will practice connecting with your Spiritual Support Team like your Guides and Angels. You'll also receive instruction on communicating with your Galactic Family and passed on Loved Ones. This broadens scope of information you can receive and makes the entire universe your playground.

  • 3

    Drawing Types Expand your Clarity

    There is more than one drawing format and you will learn each of them in this section. Learn how to read Relationships, Auras, Past/Present/Future scenarios, Soul Portraits, and more. These new formats make decoding easier and add new depth to your Intuitive Art.

  • 4

    Unlock the Entire Rainbow

    So far, you've only used 11 colors to decode your Intuitive Art drawings. In this section you will learn how to read every shade of color. You will also create Muddy Color meanings so you can instantly tell if there is a block or imbalance in your way.

  • 5

    Advanced Decoding Techniques

    This is an in-depth section all about how to read your drawings to extract the most clarity possible. You want your conversations with your Higher Self to feel fluid and rich and that is what the classes in this section will help you accomplish.

  • 6

    Best Practices for Each Area of Life

    I walk you through dozens of Intuitive Art drawings, showing you the best format for questions and how to decode in each area of life. This section will help you start creating the life you want because you'll feel confident about leveraging the wisdom that your Higher Self has to offer you.

We support you on each step of your journey

  • Video Classes

    The entire course is delivered in video format via an online portal. You can download the classes or watch them online.

  • Online Portal

    Your course is organized in an online portal. Everything is simple to find and easy to access.

  • Tech Support & Assistance

    We are always available to answer your questions or help you find something.

  • Weekly Live Practice Hour

    Get together with your teacher and your peers to practice and have your questions answered. These are held via Zoom video chat so you can interact visually.

  • Digital Course Manual

    You’ll have immediate access to the digital course manual which houses everything in the entire program. It is beautifully laid out and easy to follow.

  • Friendly Facebook Community

    The Facebook group is a place to post your drawings and interact. It’s a wonderful place to foster friendships and get thoughtful feedback.

Meet your Teachers

Rachel Archelaus - Founder & Course Teacher

Rachel is the creator of the Archelaus Method of Intuitive Art. She discovered this amazing modality at age 11 and has been honing it ever since. Over the last decade thousands of people world wide have learned this technique. She's been teaching the Certified Intuitive Artist program for the last two years and has graduates on 7 countries. The mix of color therapy and psychology, combined with the therapeutic nature of art makes Intuitive Art effective and unique.

Laura Ghedotte - Practice Hour Teacher

Laura is a Certified Intuitive Art Practitioner, a Certified Story Coach, and the creator of the Jump In Method. Her mission is to support and empower women to masterfully navigate the transitions of life with ease, wisdom, clarity, and self-expression. She teaches in-person classes for teens and adults in the Chicago, IL area in addition to her online coaching business.

You + Intuitive Art = A Breakthrough Machine

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Frequently Asked Questions

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When do classes start?

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