Going Evergreen:  Create a Lucrative Passive Income Stream in Less than a Month


Marketing Content:

  • bigstock-Marketing-Business-Strategy-Wo-44066827How to title and describe your content so people will pay attention
  • What emails you need in your funnel (how to keep prospects interested)
  • What freebie to create to get people to opt-in to your funnel (and build a list at the same time)
  • How to package an offer that sells!
  • How to determine what bonuses will compliment your offer to inspire people to happily sign up.


  • What platforms are the best to use and which will most easily store your evergreen content
  • How to set up an email autoresponder to link with your funnel
  • How to connect your shoppingcart to the sales page so you can collect money
  • How and what to test to make sure it will work for you customers! Don't lose money because of not doing this right.

Energetic Success:

  • How to make sure all of this is in alignment with your higher self or you'll see limited or energeticrachelZERO sales
  • How to find out what the best method of delivery is for you to be in alignment
  • What the best price to charge is for you product or service so it sells (it may be higher than you think!)
  • How to consult your higher self so you can rely on that part of you to design your offers & keep you in alignment
  • The most authentic form of limitation you can use to inspire people to BUY NOW and yet stay in integrity

Traffic = Income:

  • Where to find great prequalified traffic sources
  • How to use Facebook ads as a low cost advertising channel
  • How to get others to promote your evergreen funnel for free
  • How to make the most money from the traffic you get

Check out these results:

More than half of the income listed on this page is from 1 evergreen funnel.  That's over $4,000 in one month!


Create your Signature Content: If you don't know what to sell this is for you!  This will walk you through the process of creating your signature content.  You will be taught how to create it what to create and how to think ahead and make it evergreen friendly.  Also you will learn how to price it for maximum results.  ALL while in alignment with your highest good and with your purpose.  This is sent to you BEFORE our class day so you can have it readybigstock-Hands-holding-money-dollars-is-26575568 to go!  Value: $497

Clear Your Money Blocks: What if allowing money into your life was simple?  Working with the cutting edge human technology that is now available it can be!  In this 3 part teleseries I bring you through the 3 easy steps to creating wealth.  There have already been huge successes and I'd love to add your name to that list!  This will align you with creating evergreen income.  ($297 value!)

Enhance Your Psychic Senses:  What does being psychic have to do with business?!  Everything!  When you can feel and communicate with the subtle energy around you everything becomes easier.  You are also able to deliver the best coaching and customer service because you can tap into the true needs of others.  This will multiply your effectiveness and make it much easier to create offers that sell and to keep moving your business ahead. Value: $197

Energetic Copywriting:  Don't know how to talk about your product or service?  Worried about writing the emails and freebie content for your evergreen funnel?  This course will guide you through the process of "downloading" all of your written content!  You can even use this method to write a book if you choose to.  It makes writing copy simple and fun.  Value: $297

Done for you Goodiebag!  Prepared checklists templates and scripts to assist you in bigstock-Box-with-something-inside--47362009implementing and launching your new offer. These will save you countless hours and missed steps. They are truly priceless! Just some of that is included: Successful Website Checklist Launch Calendar Client Attraction Checklist & more. Value: $297

Marketing & Positioning for Spiritual People: Let's face it most spiritually minded people don't understand marketing.  We don't want to use boring words and we don't want to create hype.  This multi-part teleclass will explain marketing in spiritual language and show you how to create a bridge between your service or product and your ideal customers.  You will no longer be confused about how to present yourself in the world!  AND you'll be able to use the language your clients need to hear in order to buy from you.  Value $297

A year of group coaching calls! Each month you have the opportunity to get coaching. This is the time to have your questions answered and find out what to do next. Learn from others and be an example as well. Value $1200

Total Bonus Value: $3,876

Julie LeCarrer

I am a private client of Rachel’s and we are working together right now on an evergreen system to start off my new business, this is all new to me, and it took me a while to understand the concept of it all, I am not used to think in that (business) way!
Now I love it as I realize it’s also fueling my creativity to come up with new ways, ideas, to offer my services to people and coming up with give aways ideas is the best, and Rachel always knows where to start you off, and what talent has been cooking inside of you before you know it yourself. And that is sometimes the push you just need to start believing and seeing yourself in your full potential the same way she does.

I think the evergreen system does not only help our business to get clients and sales it also helps us as business owners to see the bigger picture of what we really have to offer, to dare go beyond standard offers, to nurture and celebrate our creativity and it also gives a gentle and ‘safe’ way in for people to get to know us, and decide if they want to work with us, without any first hand financial investment.

Working with Rachel Archelaus is powerful, amazing and so rewardiing.

Julie LeCarrer Move, Feel & Grow

Date & Design:

This course is prerecorded in small sections. Each video has a transcript. There is also a workbook to follow so you can keep all of your notes organized.


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